Our minimum requirement for homework is that it is set weekly. In many year groups, particularly in upper KS2, homework is set more frequently.

Spellings and times-table tasks are set as homework weekly in every year group.

We set homework which is balanced between consolidation and open-ended enquiry tasks.

Homework tasks are completed in a homework book. Every child in our school has a homework book and the proforma used to set homework is the same from nursery to Year 6.

Our homework books act as both a record of homework completed and an evidence base for the objectives set out in the national curriculum programmes of study. We encourage our staff to collate evidence for making assessment judgements from a wide variety of sources, including homework.

Additional, online homework is set through programmes such as Lexia and Mathletics and our pupils in KS2 are encouraged to complete homework on their class blogs. Pupil Premium children are prioritised when offering online homework.

Year 1 Phonics

At Florence Melly, we know how important it is for parents and teachers to work together to give your child the best start. Reading together at home is one of the most effective and important ways in which you can help your child. Children should be encouraged to enjoy sharing books and read independently, as well as reading with an adult. This not only supports children’s progression in reading but leads to them seeing reading as a source of pleasure and interest.To support your child in becoming an effective and confident reader we hope to work with you to develop their knowledge of phonics (letter sounds) to enable them to decode different words they may come across. Through this booklet we hope to give you an overview of phonics teaching with your child, and some ideas for how you can support your child at home.

Phonics Booklet for Parents