Miss Burnett (Maternity Leave), Mrs Johnson, Miss Hibbert, Miss Harris and Mrs Brown

In Year 1 we are firm believers in nurturing the whole child. In order to achieve this, we aim to teach using a holistic approach. This means that we offer rich educational experiences through a creative curriculum. There will be times that your child is unaware that they are learning! This is because we provide fun, stimulating and real-life experiences. We use song, dance, crafts, practical resources and stories to embed key skills and knowledge. We believe that everyone is good at something. We cannot wait to discover the individual talents that the children in our classes have! We celebrate and value the person that each child is and open the door for who they can become.

Punctuality is very important. Our first lesson every morning is Phonics and it is an essential part of your child’s learning, as it is a tool to access all subject areas. When children arrive late and regularly miss out on phonics lessons, it impacts their reading and writing development.

In Year 1 we absolutely love what we do, love our school and its children very much. We know there will be moments in the year when some of you may have worries and want to discuss them with us and we are free to discuss these at the end of each school day. We believe that strong relationships with our parents and carers, build the foundations upon which your child thrives.

We have a strong sense of our school motto DREAMS, underpinning EVERY single thing that we do in Year 1. We instill children to be determined in their learning, which develops their resilience. We will empower your children, encouraging them to become independent and to believe in themselves. We will teach them to appreciate the little and big things in life. We will motivate your child through praise, recognition and celebrate their many achievements however big or small. Above all else, we will keep your child SAFE. We strive to keep the children in our care safe, it is of paramount importance in every single thing that we do in Florence Melly.

We realise that we have been living in uncertain times this past year, because of this we know that some children and many parents and carers may be worried and hesitant about returning to school. We plan for this and will take a great deal of time and commitment to settle your child back into school life.  Every year we take our time to build up a bond with each child in order for them to feel safe and secure in their environment.

Thank you for entrusting us with your most precious belongings, we will do everything we possibly can to ensure that your child blossoms whilst they are in our care. We truly hope your child ends up loving our school as much as we do!

In preparation for Year 1 we would encourage the following:

  • READ, READ, READ! Please try to read with your child as much as possible. This is not just story books but also familiar logos, menus and talking about illustrations (visual literacy).
  • Correct pencil grip – using play dough, climbing trees, tying shoe laces and painting can support with this. It’s all about strengthening those hand and arm muscles.
  • When doing homework, try to sit at a table with the chair pushed in and legs underneath, this enables children to hold on to paper which helps them to write easier. Having their feet touch the floor is also very beneficial.
  • PLEASE label all of your child’s belongings. Year 1 children are busy little people and it is a mammoth task locating 30 lost blue jumpers at the end of the day which have no name.
  • Try to encourage your child to write their name using a capital letter and lowercase letters.

Year 1 – Remote Education Activities

Where a class, group or a small number of pupils need to self-isolate, or local restrictions require pupils to remain at home, we have the capacity to offer immediate remote education! We understand that there will be implications on parents/carers and children alike – if our school were to close, if a bubble were to be sent home or if your child has to self-isolate. We understand that children may need to share access to technology, parents may be juggling supporting remote learning and working remotely themselves and that many parents may be trying to support children of different ages, from different classes and indeed, different schools. Therefore, we want to be as supportive as possible in this difficult time and provide a clear, effective platform and structure for our whole-school community. All remote education tasks for the pupils will be communicated through our new ‘Remote Learning Activities’ template. When applicable, these will be posted to parents/carers on Class Dojo and uploaded to our school website (below) Enjoy…

Year 1 – Achievement Statements

Year 1 Maths Achievement Statements Year 1 Reading Achievement Statements Year 1 Writing Achievement Statements

Our Whole-School Curriculum Map

We have six school values which permeate all aspects of life at Florence Melly Community Primary. These values are centred round the acronym: DREAMS. Each half-term is allocated to one of these core values and these are explored as a whole-school theme. Weekly themes, under the core values umbrella theme, form the focus for our SMSC lessons and assemblies. For example, during our Safety themed half-term – our children explore themes such as ‘NSPCC Speak Out, Stay Safe’, ‘Share Aware Online Safety’ and ‘Different Families, Same Love’. 

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Whole-School Curriculum Map – Autumn Term 2020   Whole-School Curriculum Map – Spring 2021   Whole-School Curriculum Map – Summer 2021

Year 1 – Year Group Specific Curriculum Map

Our curriculum has been carefully built and the learning opportunities and assessment milestones for each year group crafted to ensure progression and repetition in terms of embedding key learning, knowledge and skills. Subject leaders have developed subject specific characteristics which we expect the children to demonstrate in each discrete subject area. These characteristics underpin all work in these subjects and form a focal point for display areas and provide a common subject specific vocabulary for staff and pupils. We empower our staff to organise their curriculum as they see fit to best suit the needs of the pupils in their care. They are best placed to make these judgements. Staff develop year group specific long-term curriculum maps which identify when the different subjects and topics will be taught across the academic year. The vast majority of subjects are taught discretely but staff make meaningful links across subjects to deepen children’s learning.

Year 1 Curriculum Map